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7010 Pressure Calibrator

7010 Pressure Calibrator


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  • 7010 Pressure Calibrator 7010 Pressure Calibrator

7010 Pressure Calibrator

Quick Overview

A portable pressure calibrator designed for field testing applications. Pneumatic and hydraulic models are available, vacuum to 8500 psi, with 0.04% full scale accuracy. Suitable for pressure calibration of instrumentation that requires loop power/measure functionality.

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  • Vacuum, 3, 30, 70, 150, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, 6000, or 8500 psi versions
  • Best accuracy 0.04% of full scale
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic
  • 4 selectable pressure units (4 per channel on 7015) and mA
  • Loop current measure
  • 24/36V loop power
  • Over-pressure alarm
  • RS-232 serial interface and EasyCal software compatible
  • W10.5 x H6.8 x D9.8”, weight 6.6 lbs
The 7010 is a fully integrated pressure test and calibration system. It is suitable for field and laboratory calibration work of both pressure and electrical process loop signals. The instrument has a single pressure channel with the range specified on ordering. Standard available versions are; 0.2, 2, 5, 10, 20, 35, 70, 100, 200, 400, and 600bar. Vacuum down to -850mbar is possible on the 2bar version. Best accuracy is 0.04% of range and maximum display resolution is 0.005% of range. The excellent resolution allows higher accuracies to be achieved under controlled lab conditions when accurate pressure standards such as dead-weight testers are available for transfer calibration. For process signal calibration the loop signal is displayed on the LCD display to 0.05% accuracy. Loop drive supply (24V or 36V) is also provided. Both pressure and loop signal can be displayed at the same time to speed up the calibration of pressure transmitters. Additionally a continuity function is available for testing for open circuit loops. The 7010 allows switch selection of five pressure units. These must be specified on ordering from the following: bar, PSI, kPa, MPa, inWg, cmWg, inHg, mmHg, Kg/cm2, atm. Both pressure and loop current are displayed on separate 4.5 digit LCD displays. Options For the 7010, input pressure can be generated by external hand pumps. The 7090 pneumatic (-950mbar to 40bar), or 7095 hydraulic (0 to 700bar) pumps are ideal for this purpose. Gauges are also available. For process control signal simulation Time Electronics’ handheld 7006 Loop-Mate is available as an option. It provides 4 - 20mA and 0 - 10V signals at levels of 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%. It can also step through these set points automatically to allow hands free calibration. It is battery powered and can be stored in the 7010’s pouch. The 7010 is fitted with RS232 connection as standard. Display readback can be performed using EasyCal calibration software. With comprehensive features EasyCal can simplify and speed up calibration procedures. Easily produce calibration certificates and reports to international quality standards. Portable Operation Power is via internal rechargeable cells (24 hours typical use) with a built-in mains charger. The unit can be powered directly from the mains if required. The 7010 is housed in an impact resistant safety case that provides protection and increased durability for field use. The pressure connections are on the side of the case. The unit is supplied with a pressure hose, electrical test lead, 2 electrical probes and 2 crocodile clips.
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