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  1. 5045 Oscilloscope Calibrator

    A high performance benchtop instrument for calibrating a wide range of oscilloscopes and frequency meters. It provides outputs for amplitude, frequency, period, duty cycle, and bandwidth. Frequencies are generated from an internal 0.1ppm temperature controlled oscillator.

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  2. 5051Plus Multifunction Calibration System

    5051Plus Multifunction Calibration System "The 5051Plus Calibration System combines a high accuracy calibration source with a precision digital multimeter. It is an inclusive package with features to cover and optimize the entire calibration process. Standard internal features include AC/DC voltage/current, resistance, frequency, thermocouple/PT100 simulation and measure, capacitance/ inductance calibration, and oscilloscope calibration. Also supplied is a clamp meter adapter for clamp calibration up to 1100A, and test lead set to provide the necessary connections for nearly all applications.

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  3. 5075 7.5 digit Multimeter

    A benchtop digital multimeter that combines high performance with simple operation. The 5075 easily measures from nanovolts to 10kV, from picoamps to 30 amps, from micro-ohms up to 1GΩ, from picofarads to 300µF, with up to 7½ digit accuracy.

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  4. PIE 820 Elite High Accuracy Multifunction Process Calibrator

    The Practical Instruments Electronics (PIE) 820-Elite multifunction calibrator performs the work of 8 single function calibrators. Designed for technicians and engineers who require the best tools to do their work, the 820-Elite version of the popular PIE 820 has greater resolution, more ranges, patented current leak detection and standards lab accuracy making it one of the highest performing calibrators on the market today.

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  5. PIE 830 - High Accuracy Multifunction Diagnostic Calibrator with Dual Display

    Carry eight single function calibrators plus a milliamp calibrator with loop supply in the palm of your hand! Sources & Reads mA, T/C, RTD, V, mV, and Frequency. Also Sources pH, accepts wide range of PIE Digital Pressure Modules, has Loop Diagnostic Capabilities with Patented Current Leakage Test. Includes rubber boot, leads, hands free Carrying Case and FREE NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate.

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