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  1. CYLinderREGulator Cylinder Regulator Assembly for Nitrogen

    Allows the operator to ensure a properly regulated pressure output from an existing”in-house” Nitrogen Supply Cylinder that has a Maximum Charge of 3000 psig. CYLREG has Maximum input pressure rating of 3000 psig and a Maximum operator controlled regulated output pressure based on selected model.

    Download Datasheet
  2. Crystal XP2i Series Digital Test Gauge

    Ultra rugged, intrinsically safe, digital pressure test gauge with 0.1% of reading accuracy and pressure gauges ranging from 15 PSI to 10,000 PSI.

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    Download Datasheet (PSI) | Datasheet (Bar)
  3. Crystal GaugeCalHP Pressure Comparator

    The GaugeCalHP is a portable, self contained, hydraulic pressure generator for calibrating pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and safety valves.

    Download Datasheet | Manual
  4. 30 Series pressure Calibrator

    The 30 Series is a wide range pressure calibrator that fits easily into your shirt pocket. Its internal sensors give you 0.05% of reading accuracy and resist damage from overpressure.

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4 Item(s)