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In Calibration, there has always been a need to make a fast, non-destructive and reliable connection. Leaks, retaping, and retightening become time consuming. The FasTest fitting was developed for volume production of refrigeration components, where only seconds are allowed for connection, pressurization and testing. These fittings are found in most pressure product assembly lines world wide.

New versions were developed specifically for use with process calibration equipment. Any connection is made without tape and without tools. Stripped transmitters and fittings become a thing of the past. These fittings are probably the most cost effective product in the instrument or calibration shop.

ModelThread Size Dim "A"Diameter Dim "B"Length Dim "C"Rating PSI
F-151/4" IEC  5000
F-161/4" (7/16-20)0.95"1.63"5000
F-171/4" NPT1.00"1.88"5000
F-181/8" NPT 0.80" 1.62"5000
F-191/4" NPT0.93"1.63"5000
F-201/8" NPT0.81"1.69"5000


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