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Gauges & Pressure Calibrators

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  1. Model 1 Auto Ranging Digital Gauge™

    The Model 1 will replace the need to use many gauges of different ranges to achieve and maintain high accuracy. Model 1 also functions as an absolute pressure gauge. The auto-ranging technology uses multiple piezoresistive sensors to read the entire range using just one gauge where it would otherwise require up to seven of our closest competitors digital gauges. Certification costs are lowered by reducing the number of gauges. It’s rugged, shockproof design comes equipped with a protective rubber housing. Large, easy-to-read, one-line display with vibrant backlight is perfect for any light condition.

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  2. Model 2 Wide Range Digital Gauge™

    Like the Model 1, the Model 2 will replace the need to use many gauges of different ranges to achieve and maintain high accuracy (0.05% f.s.) throughout a wide span (2,500-10,000 psi). The need for multiple gauges is eliminated. The Model 2 is explosion proof and fully temperature compensated. It has a large, vibrant one line display. It is housed in a high impact, sturdy case with an optional rubber boot for additional protection. Model 2 runs on three AA batteries. This gauge is destined to become the standard of the industry!

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  3. Digital Handheld Pressure Gauge HM28

    A convincing feature of this handheld pressure gauge is its versatility. Functions are available for leak rate, min./max. values and for storing the measured values in the display. The measured values can be stored in the integrated data memory with the datalogging function and from there, logged directly on a connected printer (without PC) via the RS232 interface. Of course a PC-software level Windows is also available. The HM28 permits measurements in over-and underpressure, differential or absolute pressure.

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