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  1. Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter

    The Fluke 179 True RMS multimeter features a 6000 count digital display that updates 4 x second. Data can also be displayed in analog bargraph format which includes 33 segments and updates 40 x second. Temperature range: -20 to 100°C True RMS AC voltage 0.1 mV to 1000V (1 kHz) DC voltage 0.1 mV to 1000V 0.1Ω to 50.00 MΩ resistance True RMS AC Current 0.01 mA to 10.00 A DC Current 0.01 mA to 10.00A

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  2. 5065 - 6.5 digit Multimeter

    A versatile 6½ digit bench multimeter with 19 measurement functions. Low cost, easy to use, stability, and high accuracy make the 5065 an ideal DMM for a variety of applications. With a comprehensive range of features the 5065 is suitable for test engineers, R&D, service, and calibration technicians.

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  3. Fluke 87V Industrial True-RMS Multimeter with Temperature

    True RMS multimeter with advanced measurement functions, trouble-shooting features, resolution and accuracy

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  4. 5075 7.5 digit Multimeter

    A benchtop digital multimeter that combines high performance with simple operation. The 5075 easily measures from nanovolts to 10kV, from picoamps to 30 amps, from micro-ohms up to 1GΩ, from picofarads to 300µF, with up to 7½ digit accuracy.

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