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Seaward Group USA

Seaward Group USA (formerly Clare Instruments INC) supply a wide range of test instruments to ensure the electrical safety of any product or appliance from the design, compliance and manufacturing stages, through to servicing repair and calibration. The company's unique product range includes advanced technology laboratory and production line testers capable of carrying out Hi-Pot, Ground Bond and a variety of other tests, as well as EMC test equipment. The Seaward Group range incorporates a number of advanced technical features which enable, ease of use, speed of operation and provides complete traceability. Based in Florida, the company have a national US sales, Service and Calibration capability.

Seaward Group USA

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  1. PrimeTest 100

    The PrimeTest 100 is a new hand-held “quality meter” that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.

  2. SafeCheck 5s

    Complete electrical integrity check for the safety of your employee and your business.The Safecheck 5 is a bench top "quality meter" that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.

  3. SafeCheck 8

    The Safecheck 8 power tool tester tests, records your test data and prints safety tags. A truly professional solution not only ensures the safety of power tools and appliances but also records the information to prove precaustions have been taking to provide a safe working environment.

  4. Cropico DO4000 Series

    The Cropico D04000 series digital micro ohmmeters offer true portability without any sacrifice to accuracy or functionality. These ruggedly constructed instruments are housed in a stylish plastic case with easy to use keyboard. The measured values are displayed on a large LCD screen which allows for ease of viewing.

  5. Cropico DO7

    The DO7 is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities. It is of rugged construction in a sealed ABS plastic case with lid and carrying handle.The DO7 has many advanced features, including protection up to 415 volts rms at the measuring terminals, digital calibration and long scale length, 6000 count.

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5 Item(s)